Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"... a little tired of ribs, but..."

The Rotarians were at it again last weekend, serving up body parts of tortured little animals as part of Ribfest in St. Catharines (see complete story below).

What kills me, aside from people killing animals for fun, are comments from individuals like the lady quoted at Ribfest, who say they are bored or tired of eating this or that animal. How many times have you heard someone say after Thanksgiving or Christmas, "Awh, turkey again!" They just want a little variety when it comes to eating somebody else's flesh.

What they haven't considered - or don't care about - is that the boring food they are getting sick of used to be a living, breathing animal, forced to live in misery and filth before he or she was hauled off to the abbatoir to be butchered and dismembered so other people could get tired of eating him or her.

I'm also reminded of all the animals that are discarded by grocery stores: animals that are slaughtered, carved and cut up and then put on display at the deli counter, just to be "DISCOUNTED FOR QUICK SALE" and, if not sold by the end of the day, thrown out with all the other garbage. What a waste of life!

Anyways, I think I'm going to send the Rotarians a letter, along with a Compassionate Choices booklet, with the hope that they will at least think about the suffering they are causing, and let them know that there are many other ways to raise money that do not involve the taking of another's life, no matter how tasty those others may be.

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