Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Vegan Party of Canada brochure!

Wow! Look at me, I'm actually writing a blog on my blogsite!

Anyways, things have been busy as usual and I haven't been posting a lot of news articles because I was getting ready for the 2nd Annual Eco-Fest Niagara which took place on Sunday, March 29th at Club Roma in St. Catharines.

Judging by how many vegan carrot muffins were taken from our basket, I'd say the number of people attending was way down over last year.

And I'm always surprised how many people come to these environmental fairs with Tim Horton's coffee cups that they probably got from the drive-thru on their way to the event (Tim Horton's is one of the official sponsors of Earth Day this year).

People just aren't getting it! The organizers from St. Catharines Climate Action Now should perhaps mention this in their ads for next year's Eco-Fest. A friend of mine suggested that everyone who comes with a reusable coffee mug receive a door prize or something.

But one thing Eco-Fest visitors were getting was our new Vegan Party of Canada brochure! A special thanks to Sarah Salvatore from George Brown College who designed this edgy, informative and very attractive brochure, which addresses health, the environment, animal suffering and world hunger.

I'd also like to thank Dinesh for helping out at the event and everybody who stopped by.

Of course, printing these brochures isn't cheap so if anyone has some loose change or a few hundred dollars they aren't using, we'd really, really, REALLY appreciate the financial help.

Any and all donations go to the printing and purchasing of educational materials to distribute to the public at events such as Eco-Fest.



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