Thursday, January 1, 2009

I'm not a weirdo or a health nut.

And I don't dislike people, eat salad three times a day or lack a sense of humour.

And I don't know any chickens, pigs or turkeys although I am certain they would thank me if they could.

I have a great respect for life - all life.

I speak from the heart, not from industry conditioning; and I pronounce it 'VEE-gan', not 'VAY-gan'.

I can proudly look any animal in the face and not feel guilty.

I believe in coexistence, not domination; greenhouses, not slaughterhouses; and that the cow is a truly proud and noble animal.

Bean curd is delicious, tofu tastes like anything and yes, I do get enough protein!

Look mom, I'm eating all my vegetables, I'm saving lives and I'm helping the environment.

My claim is compassion so I AM VEGETARIAN.


Anonymous said...

I bought a mug with this written on it many years ago...I loved it then and I still think it's a great summary response to anyone who asks me why I AM VEGETARIAN.

Daniel said...

Thanks for your comment! I designed that mug (I also did up t-shirts) when I was with Niagara Action for Animals years ago for their fundraisers. I'm really glad you liked it!
In peace,