Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Brock recognized for meat-less options

Campus nominated for vegetarian-friendly award

The Standard - Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Brock University has been nominated for the title of most vegetarian-friendly campus in North America.

Brock is up against 47 other post-secondary institutions to win the Most Vegetarian-Friendly Universities competition, which is organized by peta2, an international youth animal rights organization.

The St. Catharines campus offers a wide range of meatless options, from vegetarian shepherd's pie to vegan burritos to mushroom pot pie.

"Brock is showing its respect for students by offering them food choices that are good for their health, animals and the planet," said Ryan Huling, a peta2 spokesman.

Other Canadian nominees include the University of Guelph, the University of Toronto, and the University of Waterloo.

University nominations were based on student recommendations.

Everyone is eligible to vote. The school with the most votes will be announced in November and will receive certificates to display in its campus dining halls.

To vote, go to www.peta2.com/college.

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DS said...

This is a really foolish and misguided "recognition", in my opinion. I have worked at Brock for several years, and it is by no means a vegetarian-friendly campus. On many days, I cannot find anything to eat, as even the few vegetarian options that Sodexho offers (eg. tofu for stir-fries, soups, sandwiches) are often not available. Now that Sodexho has been 'honoured' in this way, it will probably become even more difficult for campus vegetarians to gain any traction. I think we need to set the bar a bit higher.